What Are Grease Traps And How Do They Work?

A grease trap is a device that helps to separate grease, oil and large matter from the liquid waste that enters pipes and plumbing systems.

Grease traps are used in a wide variety of contexts, including in some household kitchen sinks and hospitality venues. Grease traps are especially important for cafes, restaurants and food catering venues because they can help keep plumbing systems working effectively despite the large amount of food particles and greasy waste that is accumulated in such an environment. Any business that handles fats, oils, grease and food matter should have a grease trap system in place to stop these materials entering the general sewer system.

It’s extremely important that grease traps are cleaned and pumped out regularly by a specialist waste removal team. Routine cleaning removes any fats, oils and grease that have naturally built up over time and subsequently reduce the effectiveness of the grease trap system. Grease trap cleaning is a key service offered by the waste management Sydney team at Enviro Waste.

If a grease trap isn’t pumped out regularly, it can cause excess matter to build up around the trap and stop it from being effective. As such, the accumulation of fats, oils and grease can cause spills, overflows and property damage. Grease trap overflows have been the cause of some businesses shutting down – this is something you should try to avoid where possible!

One indication that your grease trap may need cleaning is that liquids start to drain slower in sinks and drains. You might even recognise an odour emitting from drains. If either of these situations start to occur, you should contact a waste management company immediately. Ideally, you will already be working closely with a waste management team who can help you establish a regular schedule for grease trap maintenance.

What does Enviro Waste do for grease traps?

Enviro Waste work with a range of hospitality venues in Sydney who have grease traps installed. Our key services for grease traps include grease trap waste disposal and grease trap cleaning. Remembering to have your grease trap cleaned can be difficult, so we will help you establish and implement a regular schedule for cleaning your grease trap. We consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to grease traps, and just some of the reasons our clients choose us include:

  • Affordable rates and fixed quotes
  • Experienced team with specialised knowledge in grease trap cleaning
  • Modern equipment
  • Friendly service from a passionate crew
  • Long history in waste disposal Sydney and waste management Sydney
  • Efficient service
  • Around the clock response for emergencies and last-minute jobs

We also offer several other waste management services, like liquid waste removal, oily water removal, septic tank cleaning, product destruction, packaged waste removal, hazardous liquid waste disposal, and usage of our secure disposal facility.

To learn more about Enviro Waste, visit our website or contact us directly on 1300 141 315.


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