septic tank cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning


Enviro Waste Services Group: Septic Tank Cleaning, provides cleaning/pumping/pump out of septic tanks.  Septic tanks receive liquid waste from toilet flushes.  The septic tank traps and breaks down all solid matter turning it into “sludge”, allowing fluids to exit safely to underground dispersion areas called “distribution trenches/drain fields”.  The sludge that accumulates in septic tanks needs to be removed/pumped out before sludge occupies 30% of the complete volume of the tank, roughly every 2 to 5 years.  Failure to pump out a septic tank will result in the sludge exiting the septic tank and blocking up outlet pipes and distribution trenches/drain fields.

Enviro Waste Services Group performs all septic tank cleaning/pump outs to the highest standard in the liquid waste industry. Our cleaning regime includes pumping out the septic tank to the bottom, hosing, scraping down and cleaning all interior surfaces of the septic tank, removing accumulated tree roots, providing service reports on the condition of inlet and outlet baffles and lid and distribution trenches/drain fields, refilling the septic tank with 30cm depth to prevent hydrostatic lift and returning all items to their original location.


Septic Tank Cleaning Sydney

Enviro Waste Services Group septic waste Sydney offers to place your residence on a regular septic tank cleaning & pump cycle where we perform free sludge test inspections on your septic tank every 2-3 years and then clean/pump them out when sufficient sludge has accumulated. Please call us now to set up a preventative maintenance septic tank inspection and pump-out schedule.

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