Packaged Waste Removal

Packaged Waste Removal

Enviro Waste Services Group offers Packaged Waste Removal in Sydney which decreases the risk of the discarded products being pilfered and re-utilised, re-manufactured or recirculated without your authority.

 The long-term success of your business which includes the protection of your market share and branding is directly influenced by correct and responsible product disposal management processes. Ensure that replaced or upgraded equipment does not end up for sale on ebay for which you may still be responsible for.

Packaged Waste Removal Products:

We offer a full secure destruction and disposal service for products that are, but not limited to:

– Damaged items
– Defect items
– Recalled items
– Network switches and routers

– End of life equipment
– Obsolete items
– Out of date product
– Production overruns

– Quarantined stock
– Stock disposal
– Software and hard drives
– Unwanted products

Security Compliant

Our security compliant destruction facility and processes include:

– Access to materials is restricted at all times
– Building dedicated only for destroying material
– High resolution digital security CCTV cameras
– Movement detectors
– Restricted key access

– Police and ASIO cleared personnel
– Warrant that product is absolutely destroyed and rendered unusable
– Collection vehicles employ GPS tracking software
– Monitoring of vehicles from time of collection to destruction facility
– Certificate of Destruction (COD) if applicable is provided

Our personal service to our customers include a knowledgeable service team who always ensure the customer’s needs are catered to. Our fleet of vehicles can accommodate loads varying from 12 to 24 pallets.

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To learn more about the company and its services, call the company directly at 1300 141 315