Oil Water Separator Maintenance and Installation

Oil Water Separator Maintenance and Installation

What is an oil water separator?

An oil water separator is a piece of equipment that separates oil and solids from wastewater that is generated as part of an industrial or commercial process. This process allows the oil, solids, hydrocarbons, and sludge to be removed, and for the water to drain away safely and without contaminating the environment or clogging the pipes. Hence, oil water separators enable companies to comply with their environmental obligations, and also help to keep their drainage systems unclogged and operational.

How do oil water separators work?

Many oil water separators are designed to utilise gravity. Oil is able to float to the top, whereas heavier sludge moves to the bottom. This allows both to be removed prior to disposal. Often this system may allow the oil to float, and then be drained from the top, while the solids meet a baffle, reducing turbulence, and allowing them to sink to the bottom.

Coalescing oil water separators are similar, but they add another step to the process to ensure an even more effective system of oil water separation. They include oleophilic media, which is a material that can attract and contain oils, so that oils bind to the surface of the media. By encouraging binding this media helps to encourage the oil to float to the surface where it is then removed via the oil outlet.

Why do I need an oil water separator?

You need an oil water separator if you are disposing of contaminated water. It is common for oil water separators to be used by restaurants, car washes, mechanics, marine settings with bilge pumps, and other businesses that have to dispose of liquid that is contaminated with oil and solids.

It is necessary for a business to use an oil water separator so that they do not pose an environmental hazard. Disposing of oil into waterways can be disruptive and harmful to plants, animals, and humans. In addition to this, it can lead to clogged pipes and other damage.

Do oil water separators need maintenance?

Sydney oil water separators will perform better and for longer if they are regularly serviced by an experienced and qualified liquid waste management company, such as Enviro Waste Services. When it comes to oil water separators, you get out what you put in. As an owner and operator of an oil water separator you will also need a plan of attack for disposing of your accumulated liquid waste. A Sydney liquid waste management company can manage this process for you. They can also help with oil water separator installation.

How can I get an oil water separator?

Oil water separators are a specialised piece of equipment, and their installation and correct usage often depends upon the support of a waste management, liquid waste removal, Sydney waste services company such as Enviro Waste Services. Our team would be pleased to help you with the installation and servicing of oil water separators. To contact us, call 1300 141 315 or email info@envirowaste.com.au. We can also assist with grease trap cleaning and other types of liquid waste management in Sydney.


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