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Meet The Enviro Waste Fleet

At Enviro Waste, we are proud to offer a broad range of waste management Sydney services. It’s our goal to continue being the best Sydney waste services provider, delivering outstanding liquid waste management and liquid waste removal to the community, as well as grease trap cleaning and other waste management services.

To get the job done and support businesses and locals with top-quality waste management, we have a premier fleet backing our work. Some of our various sized trucks are listed here:

  • 2 tonne truck
  • ENV-777
  • ENV-014 semi trailer
  • ENV-012 semi trailer
  • ENV-015 fuel truck
  • ENV-017 semi trailer
  • ENV-111
  • ENV-888 2.25m truck
  • ENV-444 3.4m truck
  • ENV-013 (F350 truck)
  • Palletised transport truck

With all these vehicles at our disposal, it’s no wonder that we have Sydney’s largest fleet. Our range of modern trucks and vehicles ensures we can complete any task at hand, no matter how big or small it may be. We’re capable of removing all types of waste – liquid, hazardous, packaged, private, and more. Our team cares about presentation and professionalism, so our trucks are always clean and modern, not an eye-saw on your site!

In the past, we’ve assisted with multi-million-dollar commercial projects, but we’re also regularly attending homes to completed once-off domestic jobs. We’ll always answer the phone and gladly join you at your property to provide our services. Our large fleet means we have capacity to take onboard endless clients, and we also have roaming vehicles to offer emergency waste services when required.

Moreover, our fleet is 100% compliant will all relevant regulations. We’re eco-friendly, committed to our mission, and proud of our values. That’s why we’re trusted by major corporations across Sydney.


Who is part of the team at Enviro Waste?

Driving our vehicles and visiting properties/site across Sydney is a team of experienced liquid waste management professionals. Combined, we have decades of experience serving the needs of the community and enabling safe, environmentally friendly and custom-centric waste management.

Enviro Waste is an Australian owned and operated company, meaning we can deliver immediate response and top-quality communication with our clients. At the head of Enviro Waste is Director & Owner, Eddy Hawach.

With our great crew (of professionals and vehicles!), anything is possible. Our most popular services include:

  • Liquid waste removal
  • Liquid waste management Sydney
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Product destruction
  • Removal of waste to a dedicated waste facility
  • Oily water disposal
  • Emergency waste services
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Septic tank maintenance
  • Packaged waste removal

To discover how we can assist your family or business, contact our team on 1300 141 315 or submit an enquiry via our website. We love what we do, so we can’t wait to provide the best waste management services in Sydney to you.

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