Managing a Liquid Waste Spill on a Public Road

There are multiple possible causes of an oil spill, a petrol spill, or a diesel spill on roads and roadsides in Sydney, New South Wales, and other areas throughout Australia. These include vehicle accidents, leaks, and illegal dumping. Other substances that may be spilled include chemicals and paint.

Spills on our roads require a prompt and thorough response to reduce the potential for harm to citizens and the environment. Spills have the potential to harm civilians who enter the area, can make a slippery and dangerous surface for vehicles, and can have a negative impact on environments, locally and further afield if they enter general wastewater.

On top of this, an oil spill carries a potential reputation risk for your business, and potential disciplinary or compensatory measures from regulators.

What to do if you experience an oil spill

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to respond to a spill, it is generally advised to first try to stop the spill at its source, where this is possible and safe.

Oil spills and diesel spills pose a serious hazard, and authorities remind all road users that spills should be reported immediately; depending on circumstances and jurisdiction, this may include the police, fire brigade, and the Department of Infrastructure. You should also contact your manager.

Spills of liquid waste will tend to expand outward, particularly when not stopped at the source, so where safe, it is necessary to take spill control measures, such as distribution of absorbent materials around the perimeter of the spill area.

At the conclusion of the spill, these materials will need to be disposed of appropriately, and not in general waste. A waste management company can help with this.

In due course, the spill must be suitably reported, logged and its cause investigated and addressed.

How to clean up liquid waste spills

Most local, state and federal governments will hold the person who caused the spill responsible. The responsible party has a duty to restore the condition of the road surface, or at least to pay for its restoration.

However, not all or many companies will have the necessary skill set, machinery, and resources to restore the road condition to normal. They may need to call on the services of a liquid waste management company, in instances where the authorities are not themselves handling the clean-up effort.

It may also occur that the responsible party does not fulfil their duty and cannot be located. While they will be pursued and held responsible, the spill needs to be addressed in the meantime.

Some councils and other governments or departments may have the resources to handle liquid waste spills, whereas others may require the services of a liquid waste removal and waste management Sydney company, such as Enviro Waste Services.

Occasionally a spill will occur within a private business, not on a public roadway. It is still essential to resolve the spill quickly and thoroughly, with the support of a professional waste management company.

If you experience a liquid waste spill in Sydney, you can contact Sydney waste services company Enviro Waste on 1300 141 315.

We can help with liquid waste removal, waste management, and other services including grease trap cleaning, septic tank cleaning, and more.


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