How to Remove Contaminated Water in Sydney

Water is fundamental to life. But if it ends up contaminated or in the wrong places, it can make our lives hard – posing a health, environmental and social risks, and creating a roadblock to our plans.

Water can become contaminated in a number of ways. Non-contaminated water may become contaminated through a spill, run-off, or an algal bloom. Alternatively, it is possible that contaminated water leaks or otherwise enters a usually dry environment.

Contaminated lakes and ponds

During rain events, it is common for water to drain through its basin into a man-made or natural lake. If this carries chemicals from the ground such as weed killer, farming chemicals, or oil from roads, then the water may become contaminated.

Alternatively, if the ‘wrong’ conditions combine, they can lead to an algal bloom in a pond. This can tend to happen in warmer temperatures, with lots of light, and a high level of nutrients either through run off, erosion or other causes.

Both situations can affect the lake’s biodiversity. Such issues can also be unsightly, smelly, unsanitary, and even dangerous if people use the lake.

Contaminated water due to leaks or rain

Another way in which water can become contaminated is during rain events. For example, it is very common for a trade site to be mid-excavation when it starts to pour down. This can result in ditches which are filled with dirty ground water that is rich in chemicals.

Ground water may sometimes also seep from the ground during excavation. This water can be rich in microorganisms and pose a health risk, potentially causing gastroenteritis. It can be contaminated by animal waste, sewage, pollution, floodwater, rubbish seepage, and other contaminants.

What to do if you need to remove contaminated flood water?

Contaminated water can pose a dilemma for a trade site because it can hold up works, yet pumping contaminated ground water into the street or down the sewers may actually be illegal and carry consequences.

If it occurs in a lake or other municipal facility, then many councils will wish to act and clean up fast, for a number of reasons, including a responsibility to their citizens and accountability for the upkeep of the facility.

When you experience contaminated water, it is better to rely on a trusted waste management service to remove the contaminated water or to dewater your site.

A waste management, liquid waste removal and Sydney waste services company such as Enviro Waste Services has the expertise and equipment to rapidly resolve the situation for you.

Often, these issues can occur after-hours, but that doesn’t make them any less urgent. It is even better when you can find a waste management Sydney or liquid waste management company such as Enviro Waste who operates 24/7.

If you need urgent site dewatering or pumping and removal of contaminated water, contact Enviro Waste on 1300 141 315 or We can also help with grease trap cleaning, septic tank cleaning, and your other waste management needs.


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