How to Dispose of Packaged Waste in Sydney

How to Dispose of Packaged Waste in Sydney

Some businesses may already have a strategy for storing their waste. They may store their waste or package their waste in sealed containers, tanks, drums, intermediate bulk containers, or using other common methods of waste packaging and storage.

For such businesses, the challenge may be in figuring out what to do with the waste after it has been stored. And even if a business is confident in its storage practices, it can pay to revisit your waste storage procedures with the help of a liquid waste disposal company like Enviro Waste Services.

Ensuring your waste is classified appropriately

Waste has to be classified according to environmental protection authority guidelines. It then has to be segregated according to the relevant code. Throughout the whole process, it is critical that different types of waste are separated; different classifications of waste cannot be mixed together.

This is true of the storage process (which is your responsibility) and the processing/disposal process (which is the waste management company’s responsibility).

Your receiving facility or liquid waste disposal company, such as Enviro Waste Services, can provide guidance on the types of waste that can be safely disposed of. Alongside you, it is our responsibility to ensure that you have correctly classified waste.

Partnering with an expert can help you to build confidence that you are following the rules and not accidentally failing to comply with regulations.

Reducing the risk of spills and environmental risk

One of the biggest risks with working with and storing liquid waste is the risk of a spill. That is why it is important for both the company that produces the waste and the company that processes the waste, such as Enviro Waste Services, be familiar with and follow processes that reduce the risk of a spill and effectively contain it if there is a spill incident.

To reduce the risk of spills, it is advised to store the waste together in a covered area, to have absorbent materials to hand, and to follow a waste removal process that limits the amount of waste stored at your site at any given point of time.

Ideally the storage area will be a minimally accessed area with no stormwater drains nearby nor activities such as the use of a forklift. Proper labelling protocols ought to be followed to ensure there isn’t a mix-up and it is important to have bunds in place that surround the waste and can contain it if there was a spill.

Arranging disposal of packaged waste in Sydney

If you have packaged waste that you need to dispose of in Sydney and surrounds, it is necessary to contact a qualified and licenced liquid waste disposal company such as Enviro Waste Services. Our friendly team can be reached on 1300 141 315 or We look forward to helping you to dispose of your waste responsibly and securely, using our liquid waste removal services.

We can also help your business with other types of waste management Sydney, grease trap cleaning, and various other Sydney waste services. Browse our website to view our full range of services.


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