How Often Do You Need Grease Trap Cleaning?

Every restaurant, catering venue, café and hospitality business within Australia should have a grease trap system. Some businesses may be renting a building or site that already had the grease trap system installed before they moved in, while others may have needed to get the grease trap installed before they began operations.

Essentially, a grease trap is a plumbing system that blocks grease and solid materials from entering the general wastewater disposal system. The idea is that the trap will collect all the hazardous, damaging solids and materials (known as FOGs – fats, oils and greases) before they can enter and clog the wastewater system. Grease traps are sometimes also referred to as grease recovery, grease capsule or grease interceptors.

Without a grease trap, your fatty and oily waste will fall into the general main sewer system. Eventually, this will cause serious blockages that may result in spilling, flooding and damage to your kitchen or site. In addition, the clogging will create unpleasant odours and attract a wide range of pest. No grease trap could signal the end of your business success.

Similarly, not cleaning your grease trap can cause the same issues. Because these waste management devices naturally come into contact with FOG, they will become dirty and require a deep clean. A build-up of grease, fat and oil within the trap itself can produce bad smells, blockages and overflowing.

Grease trap cleaning is an essential service for our business. That’s a fact. But, how often does it need to be done?

Grease trap cleaning Sydney services

Our specialised waste removal and liquid waste management team recommends having your grease trap thoroughly and professionally cleaned every two months. Hospitality businesses that have a high volume of customers, or high production levels, should have it cleaned more regularly. Other businesses may only need grease trap cleaning every three, four or five months.

When you have a popular grease trap removal and waste management business check over your trap system, they will be able to give you a better indication of how regularly it might need to be cleaned. If your grease trap system is starting to produce unbearable smells, or it is clearly full and blocked, you should contact emergency waste management services to have the issue dealt with immediately. Not addressing the problem will only cause it to get worse.

At Enviro Waste, we can arrange regular grease trap cleaning for your business, so you don’t need to worry or think about the process anymore. We also offer other waste removal services in Sydney – such as oily water disposal, tank cleaning, waste management, and product destruction – meaning you can have an entire suite of services conducted regularly for your kitchen or venue.  Our team has our own dedicated Sydney disposal facility to safely dispose of unwanted matter and ensure the environment is being protected. Get in touch with our team for more information today.

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