How Does Septic Tank Cleaning Work?

Septic tanks are a type of tank system that receives sewerage. To understand why septic tank cleaning is important, it’s essential to learn how septic tanks work. The purpose of a septic tank is to collect and break down all solid matter so it can become ‘sludge’. Once the matter has become sludge, other liquids can effectively exit from the tank into underground dispersion areas.

Why is it important to have your septic tank cleaned?

If you don’t have your septic tank cleaned regularly, there are several negative results that can occur. Because sludge is transferred through your septic tank, over time it builds up. When there’s a build-up of sludge to more than 30% occupancy of the tank, it is likely that there will be a blockage or overflow, or damage to your tank.

The process of cleaning a septic tank is also sometimes referred to as a septic tank pump out, septic tank removal, or septic tank suck out. You should have your septic tank inspected and cleaned by a Sydney waste services or liquid waste management company every 2 to 3 years. Just like grease trap cleaning, septic tank cleaning is vital for the ongoing functionality of your tank system.

What does a septic tank clean involve?

At Enviro Waste, we offer a comprehensive septic tank cleaning service to ensure your tank system can continue functioning well. Our stringent cleaning routine involves pumping out the septic tank until it is dry, hosing all walls of the tank with high pressure water, scraping down all interior surfaces of the septic tank and subsequently removing any build up or grime. When the deep clean is complete, we refill the septic tank to 30cm depth to ensure there is no change in hydro-static pressure.

Once the clean is completed, our crew will provide a thorough service report that details the condition of your septic tank. This will include information regarding the state of inlet and outlet baffles, and the distribution trenches/drain fields. If any repairs or parts are needed, we can work with you to have the parts supplied and installed.

Who can complete a septic tank clean?

Septic tank cleaning isn’t a process that can be handled on your own accord. For your safety and hygiene, and to ensure proper maintenance of your tank, you should always have a professional waste management team handle the cleaning task.

The Enviro Waste team are experts in waste management Sydney and can provide complete septic tank cleaning services. So that you don’t have to worry about a thing, we can initiate a regular septic tank pump out schedule where we perform sludge test inspections of your septic tank every 2 to 3 years. We will then clean and pump out the tank when an overload of sludge has accumulated.

To get in touch with Enviro Waste, contact us on 1300 141 315. Our Sydney waste services team looks forward to hearing from you and discussing our liquid waste management and liquid waste removal services.

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