Liquid Waste Disposal Sydney

Liquid Waste Disposal Sydney

Different building sites will generate different waste streams, with many sites needing Liquid Waste Disposal to dispose of hazardous chemicals and liquid wastes. From paints and cyanide waste materials to grease traps and caustic sludges, our highly trained and experienced team can help in the initial identification of hazardous substances, through to their safe collection, treatment and correct disposal at one of our licensed liquid waste treatment facilities, all of which adhere to strict EPA guidelines.

At Enviro Waste Services Group we have the capability and capacity to remove smaller liquid waste quantities, as well as drum and container collection through to large tanker quantities, capable of carrying 39 000 litres of hazardous waste. All of our Liquid waste disposal Sydney services are available 24hrs a day, with quick response times including emergency response.


Liquid Waste Sydney provide Industry Solutions that include:

  • DOMESTIC – septic tanks; grease traps; polluted water; untreated swimming pools; blocked drains
  • COMMERCIAL – flooding mishaps; contaminated water/effluent; blocked drains
  • CONSTRUCTION – settling ponds; sediment tanks; excavation/drillers mud; temporary toilet blocks; concrete slurry; footings; trenches; piling operations
  • MINING – settling ponds; drillers mud; water leakage from tunnelling; silt traps
  • AGRICULTURE – effluent ponds; settling ponds
  • INDUSTRIAL – contaminants; concrete slurry; containment traps; refuelling depots
  • HOSPITALITY – portable toilets; toilet blocks; grease traps
  • MUNICIPAL & LOCAL GOVERNMENT – flooding relief; drain/culvert/water course repair/maintenance; wash bays; silt traps
  • PROPERTY SERVICES – septic tanks; drain cleaning/unblocking;
  • UTILITIES – vacuum excavation; drain cleaning; settling ponds; effluent removal
  • MARINE – oily water, ships bilges; holding tanks; bunker sludge tanks
  • FUEL & GAS – forecourt run-offs; spill rectification; oily water ; holding tanks


Liquid Waste Disposal

Enviro Services Group has a fleet of hazardous waste collection vehicles cover the entire spectrum of liquid and contaminated waste:

  • Oily Waste
  • Grease trap waste
  • Organic sludges
  • Hydrocarbon based waste
  • Phenol contaminated water acids
  • Alkalines
  • Paints
  • Cyanide waste
  • Acid sulphate soils
  • Dyes
  • Latex
  • Paper pulp
  • Bitumens
  • Photographic processing effluent
  • PAH impacted soils
  • Resins, inks
  • Adhesives
  • Wash waters
  • Hazardous liquid spills
  • Detergents
  • Acids
  • Caustic & caustic sludges
  • Chromium & chrome
  • Laboratory materials
  • Non chlorinated solvents
  • chemicals


At Enviro Services Group we also provide a drum and container collection service for commercial clients who have small quantities of hazardous liquid waste or where storage capacity is problematic. On request, as part of this service, we also offer:

  • 24hr collection service
  • Replacement containers and drums provided
  • Regular or on-call collections available
  • Waste tracking and certificate of disposal available
  • Drum cleaning for reuse (triple cleaning)

Speak to a member of our team about organising a liquid waste disposal service for your business in Sydney.

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