Everything You Need to Know About Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are often the last thing that people want to think or talk about, but they are a critical feature in many toilet systems and they ensure that waste is contained safely and securely so the toilet can continue to operate without issue. Septic tanks may be an icky topic of conversation but, trust us, an overflowing or problematic septic tank is far worse!

Let’s begin with how septic tanks work.

Essentially, septic tanks are the compartments that receive liquid waste from toilet flushes. A septic tank is responsible for breaking down all the solid matter within the waste and turning it into ‘sludge’. In the process, fluid can exist safely in underground drain fields. Over time, the sludge accumulates in the septic tank and needs to be removed to ensure the drain fields can continue dispersing the liquid waste effectively.

There are different types of septic tanks, including a single or multi-chamber septic tank, but both options are a simple onsite sewage solution. The materials generally used in their creation include concrete, fibreglass and plastic.


What maintenance needs to be completed on a septic tank?

The sludge that naturally accumulates in a septic tank will need to be removed or pumped out before it occupies a third of the tank. If the septic tank fills beyond this level, it may cause outlet pipes to become blocked and waste will fail to drain properly. This is a serious problem that is best avoided.

To ensure your septic tanks are getting the maintenance they require, it is in your best interests to work with a professional liquid waste management company in Sydney, like Enviro Waste. They will conduct a regular cleaning regime to keep the tank in good working order.

Some of the key things to remember with your septic tank are:

  • Septic tank maintenance/cleaning is essential for it to remain operational
  • The sludge will generally need to be pumped out every 2-5 years
  • Comprehensive septic tank cleaning involves: pumping out, hosing, scraping sides, cleaning interior surfaces, and removing tree roots
  • Free sludge test inspections are available every 2-3 years with Enviro Waste


How can Enviro Waste help manage your liquid waste?

In regards to septic tanks, Enviro Waste can provide cleaning and pumping/pump outs. We conduct our septic tank maintenance services to the highest standard in our industry, meaning all waste matter is dealt with safely and in adherence to moral environmental practices.

We also offer a range of other liquid waste services in Sydney: liquid waste removal, oily water disposal, grease trap cleaning and waste, pump cleaning, pump maintenance, Sydney waste services, pump repairs, pump replacements, and hazardous waste management. We can also handle non-liquid waste removal and disposal with our packaged waste and product destruction services.

If you would like to know more about our liquid waste management Sydney, contact our team today at 1300 141 315.

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