Types of liquid waste

5 Types of Liquid Waste

Whether you are in a residential or commercial setting, there are several different forms of liquid waste that you may need to manage. For people who are building a first home, starting a business, moving properties, or working in particular industries, you may be coming to terms with the types of liquid waste management that are needed for your circumstances.

All types of liquid waste need to be dealt with responsibly and effectively. At Enviro Waste, our team specialises in liquid waste removal and disposal and, over the years, we have assisted hundreds of clients to develop long-term waste strategies. We cover all bases of liquid waste management, including assessment, analysis, waste collection and documentation. When handling liquid matter, we transport the waste to a reputable treatment and disposal facility where it is treated, recycled or destroyed to the highest possible environmental standards.

Below are five different types of liquid waste that our team can assist with removing and managing.

  1. Oily water waste

Oily water waste can become present in a variety of industries, however it is most common in hospitality environments. Our team offers a comprehensive oil waste disposal service so that your dirty water can be controlled and recycled, presenting no risk to the community or environment.

  1. Septic waste

Septic tanks are necessary for gathering and containing all liquid waste from toilets. When the septic tank is working as it should, it will break down all solid matter, turning this into fluid, which can then exit safely into drain fields. To keep your septic tank in good condition and avoid any unfortunate emergencies, you should schedule regular cleaning and maintenance. We provide ongoing cleaning and pumping services for septic tanks, so you can leave the dirty work to us.

  1. Grease trap waste

Grease traps are common in the commercial hospitality industry, but can also be present in domestic kitchen environments. As most grease trap owners will understand, you must manage your grease trap by checking and cleaning it regularly. At Enviro Waste, our team can provide regular grease trap cleaning and grease trap pump-outs to ensure the system can continue working to its greatest effect.

  1. Cleaning/chemical waste

When cleaning and managing certain plumbing or pumping systems, there is often grim and waste that is removed during the process. When our team attends your site to clean and maintain your products, we depart with no trace left behind. This means we will remove all waste products so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  1. Hazardous liquid waste

Hazardous liquid waste can be the most difficult to manage and remove, but businesses must handle this form of waste appropriately so that it doesn’t create safety or environmental concerns. As experts in liquid waste removal in Sydney, we can help you by creating a liquid waste management strategy that ensures you will never encounter any waste emergencies or overflows.

Just contact our team on 1300 141 315 to learn more about our liquid waste services and discover how we can assist you.

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